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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Obama’s Secret 18 Wheeler Scandal

Trump Admin Brings Down Obama’s Secret   18 Wheeler Scandal at  the Border

Few could legitimately argue that former President Barack Obama’s attitude toward border security was anything short of lax, but as has been said countless times since the November election, there is a new sheriff in town and things are being run differently now.

According to a report from Judicial Watch, the administration of President Donald Trump is allowing Customs and Border Patrol officials to thoroughly screen all cargo trucks entering the U.S. through the southern border with Mexico, something that was seemingly discouraged or not permitted during Obama’s tenure.

“We felt like we were the welcoming committee and not like we were guarding our borders,” explained U.S. Customs agent Patricia Cramer, who is also president of the Arizona chapter of the agency employee’s union, according to Judicial Watch.

“The order was to facilitate traffic, not to stop any illegal drugs from entering the country,” added Cramer. “We want to enforce the law. That’s what we signed up for.”

Cramer, a K9 handler at the Nogales port of entry in Arizona, stated that massive amounts of illegal drugs are smuggled across the border while hidden inside of cargo trucks, trucks that used to generally be waved through but now undergo radiation and X-ray screening, sometimes even having their cargo thoroughly searched if the truck, driver or load raises any suspicions.

The change is said to have greatly angered the Mexican drug cartels that use the trucks to smuggle their illicit cargo across the border. The cartels quickly became aware of the shift in policy due to their keeping a close and constant vigil on border crossing checkpoints through the use of spotters stationed nearby at all times.

“They know if we’re on the job, the level of screening that we’re conducting,” stated Cramer. “The cartels watch us all the time. They see everything.”

It is worth noting that it isn’t only drugs that are being smuggled across the border hidden inside of cargo trucks, but also money and weapons. And, of course, there are illegal immigrants at the mercy of traffickers and truck drivers on the take, some of whom don’t survive the illegal cross-border excursions.

The change Judicial Watch is describing should never should have needed to occur, as our Customs and Border Patrol agents should have been permitted to thoroughly scan and search each and every vehicle crossing the border at any given time. That’s their job, yet that is precisely what they weren’t allowed to do under Obama.

Thankfully, things have changed now, and this is just one more step toward securing our border and protecting our country, all while taking a bite out of the profits of the drug cartels with each illicit discovery and seizure.

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  1. One day the Bush klan, Obama and Hillary will hang for treason.
    This shows the tangle web the bushs and obama created and left behind for the new president. Trump Evacuated From White House After Massive 9/11 Spy System Discovered —